Visiting Teaching Calendar of Fun

Each month you can bring something a little festive to the sisters on your route.

Give your sisters a new calendar
Make a resolutions/goals for the year booklet (make it yourself out of paper, add a cute cover and staple it together.)
A pretty scented candle, matches and a note that says: “This year – Let your light shine before men.”

Red carnations tied with ribbon
Cloth heart filled with candies
A heart pin cushion
A pretty hanky filled with Hershey’s Kisses TM

Shamrock Cookies are tasty
Cut a 5″ circle of green material and place several broken cinnamon sticks in the middle, tie with yarn or ribbon
Bring over a basket of “Irish” potatoes or a bowl of potato salad with some green parsley for garnish.

Give her an April Fool’s gift (something out of season-for fun!)
Easter Basket filled with goodies
Rolls for her easter Dinner

Basket of fruit or flowers from your garden
Stationery and a pretty pen to write letters to their mother or friends

Yellow cake mix, strawberries and whipping cream to make their own shortcake
Family Group Sheet with a heart in the middle that says: “The hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers.”

Cake decorated like a flag
A plastic beach bag with goodies – beach flip-flops, magazine, sunscreen

Homemade Berry Jam and a note that says:”When you are in a Jam–call your Visiting Teachers.(Your names and phone numbers)”
Pitcher full of whole lemons and recipe for pink lemonade–
1 (6 oz can) frozen lemonade
3 cans water
2 cups cranberry juice
Mix well

Corn husk doll and dresses from fabric scraps
Share a bottle of fruit or vegetables you are canning
Magazine to read now that the kids are in school

Tootsie Pop TM Ghost (place a white kleenex over pop, and tie with a white ribbon.Draw ghostly eyes using black marker)
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin shaped cookies in a rubber-stamped lunch bag
Crispie Treats decorated with pumpkin candy
Pumpkin Pie
Box of Christmas cards and some stamps
A list of all the things that make you thankful you know this sister and how she has touched your life

Homemade Christmas ornament
Christmas stickers
Offer to baby-sit so she can go Christmas shopping or off for an hour alone!
Cocoa Mix and recipe to share:
8 cups powdered milk
1 lb instant chocolate mix
1 cup sugar
8 oz Cremora TM
dash salt
Mix together well.Use 1/4 cup to 1 cup hot water.Give in quart jars with the recipe attached to the front.

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