Program: Visiting Teaching Skit – Teaching with Terror

Visiting Teaching Skit

This is a poem to be given at a Visiting Teaching convention, or anytime to remind Visiting Teachers of the difficulties of taking your children along when you go visiting teaching. It can be given as a reading, or acted out like a skit.

“Teaching with Terror”

Shanne always takes her children
When she goes out on her beat
‘Cause her kids are so darling
Just to see them is such a treat!!

She dresses them with loving care
She wants them to look their best
They look like angels when they leave the house
But soon will come the real test!

As they arrive at Barbara’s house
The baby is beginning to fuss
Shanne tries to tend him while she talks
But she feels like she wants to cuss.

She asks “Well, How are you Barbara?”
Is there anything we can do?”
But before she cam hear the answer
Mandy takes off her socks and shoes.

By now, Shanne’s getting a little annoyed
She’s beginning to raise her voice
She wonders “Why did I bring them?”
I should have left them at home with Royce.

She bravely tries to go on with the lesson
But it’s hard with two kids in tow
She wants to read a quote in the Ensign –
But now “Just where did that book go?”

Barbara is trying to be polite
She says “Oh, there’s nothing they can hurt”
But as soon as the words are out of her mouth
She sees her plant and Nate’s mouth full of dirt.

They continue on with the visit
But both sisters will be glad when it’s through
And as Shanne finally leaves with her children
She calls back, “it was nice to see you.”

She left the house wondering where she’s been
And if she got the point across
She feels like she’s a human ant bed
But she did her visiting teaching, by gosh!

Now, we know this is a slight exaggeration
And your children really are quite fun-
But if you leave them home when you’re teaching
You will feel like the battle’s halk won!

LeAnn Orton