Program: Visiting Teaching Hat Fashion Show

Visiting Teaching Hat Fashion Show

Remember when you were a child – how much fun it was to try on Mother’s hat. You know, the one in the box on top of the cupboard. And did you ever go into the hat department of a shop and hurriedly try on a few before the sales lady caught you? Bet you wondered if you’d ever have one of your own – a real big one. Well, you do! Know it or not, as a visiting teacher, you wear a hat. Perhaps you wear it everyday of the month, or maybe you lift it down and dust it off occasionally — But wear a hat you do!

Let’s have a look at the more popular numbers worn by Visiting Teachers everywhere. Please forgive us if we have copied your original creation.

As you preview our hat line today, it just might be that you will find one that is more to your liking than the one you are currently wearing.

1. (Turkey hat) Gladys Gobble Gossip leads our parade of hats with one that is quite popular. Gladys wears her hat wherever she goes and is a most anxious visiting teacher. She clucks and gobble-gobbles her way through her visits — so eager to listen and offer advice. However, Gladys is a bit of a turkey, for when she leaves your home, she forgets that confidentiality is a top priority for Visiting teachers. Yes, she’s sure to share what she learned with the Relief Society President — as well as everyone else town who will listen.

2. (Rabbit ears) Here comes Lucy Listener, modeling her classy little number. Lucy Loves to go Visiting Teaching. She puts much time into preparing the message she will give. She knows giving an inspiring message is important. However, Lucy always remembers to listen to what her sister has to say. She listens not only with her ears, but also with her heart. She realizes the importance of being a good listener.

3. (?) Next in our line-up is a very up and coming fashion favorite — She’s Wanda Wing-It. Wanda usually can’t find her Ensign in time to prepare her lesson in advance, and so month after month she just wings it, reading the message in the car as she drives down the street to your house. Wanda Wing-it either gives a very short lesson, often missing the main point, or else she reads the whole lesson to you, straight from the book. How her sisters look forward to a visit from Wanda Wing-It.

4. (Halo) Another perennial favorite is lovely Polly Prayerful. Polly never forgets to make her visits and she prepares down to the minute detail, usually even making cute little handouts for the sisters she visits. Especially important to Polly Prayerful is that she begin each visit with a prayer with her companion, invoking the spirit to accompany them as they visit. She tries to be sensitive to the sister’s needs, and is aware that she needs the Lord’s inspiration and guidance as she presents the message.

5. (Strings around her fingers, etc.) Florence Forgetful is a lovely soul. Wearing an equally lovely hat. Hat? it looks as though Florence has forgotten her hat. Well, how can you be upset with someone who doesn’t even know what day it is? Poor Florence, has a definite problem with forgetting things. She forgets it’s the end of the month until it’s too late to visit. If she does remember to come, she forgets to call in advance. And, you can count on her forgetting to report her visits to her supervisor – on those rare occasions that she makes them. Does this hat fit anyone you know? Does it fit you? I’m sure it fits someone…..but I forget who.

6. (Ski hat, muffler and gloves) Next we have Warm Wilma. Wilma has as her goal, to establish a warm, caring, friendly relationship with the sisters she visits. She knows that as she does this, the sisters she visits will turn instinctively to her warmth when they are in need of help.

7. (Hard Hat) Moving right along, our next number is the more exotic Ingrid Insensitive. Ingrid is so determined to get that visit made, and her report phoned in, that she just doesn’t seem to notice any special needs that her sisters might have. Did sister tearful say that her husband was out of work? Did sister feeling lonely indicate a strong need for friendship? Will Ingrid Insensitive make a confidential report of this to her Relief Society President? Does she know that being sensitive to the needs of her sisters is one of the main reasons for making the visit? Ingrid’s sole objective is putting in an appearance and getting that visit reported. Yes, Ingrid Insensitive chalks up one more month of 100% visiting teaching.

8. (hat with bird on top) This next model has been dying to get out here!!! Here she is — Edith Early Bird. Edith starts arranging her Visiting Teaching early in the month. She always has her visiting teaching done before the 15th. She feels that by coming early in the month, her sisters know that she enjoys her calling and stewardship as a visiting teacher. She doesn’t forget her sisters for the rest of the month though, she always remembers to call and check up on each one, sometimes even getting in two visits for the month.

9. (clock hat) Coming up is Lizzy Last Day. She is always in a rush, and has chosen this snappy little hat to match her personality. Doesn’t it make a sister feel special to get a hurried visit on the last day of the month. Oh — you had a doctors appointment and missed her visit this month. Well, don’t worry, she’ll be sure and squeeze you in sometime before midnight next month!

10. (A very pretty hat) Lastly, we give you Isabel Ideal. The distinguishing feature of this most attractive bonnet is that Isabel doesn’t wear it only one hour or one day of the month. She wears her hat every single day of the month. Isabel understands that being a Visiting Teacher means more than a knock on a door and a hurried message. She knows that a true Visiting Teacher sees visiting teaching as an opportunity to be a special friend to the sisters she visits. She also realizes that she is the eyes, ears and heart of the Relief Society President and Bishop to understand the special needs and concerns of each of her sisters. The interesting thing about this hat is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, and is equally becoming to every really concerned and caring visiting teacher — regardless of age, talents or personality differences. Isabel Ideal is the fashion leader for the visiting teachers of the _____Ward. You are probably just like her. If you’re not, wouldn’t you like to be?