Program: Visiting Teaching Convention – Angels

Visiting Teaching Convention
Submitted by: Brenda Iden from Riverton, Wyoming

In January, 1999, we did a fun and successful Visiting teaching convention. We added home teaching to and invited husbands.

Our theme was the song from Alabama, “Angels Among Us”. We decorated with mobils hanging from the cultural hall ceiling of cute sisters standing together and brothers standing together. It was big but very easy to do with the help of some scaffolding! We also used the words “Angels Among Us” on the mobile and some hearts.

We served dinner: Angel Hair Pasta with white sauce, Heavenly salad, Angel food cake …

We decorated the table with these cute little angels that we made out of wood that had wire hair and clear wings. On their front dress it said “Angels are often disguised as sisters”.

We then had a guest speaker (Husband and wife) who spoke on special times or lessons learned through home and visiting teaching.

We concluded the evening with a slide show of every sister in our ward doing some kind of service. The pictures were put together with some scrapbook ideas, a collogue of pictures in the shape of hearts. As we showed the slides we listened to the song “Angels Among Us”.

It was the best turn out we had had for a long time and everyone enjoyed the evening.