Neighbor Gifts in Under Ten Minutes

Neighbor Gifts in Under Ten Minutes
Studio 5 contributor, Suzanne Price shares clever gift ideas that you can assemble in less than ten minutes.

You can assemble pre-packaged gifts right from the grocery store in less than ten minutes. Add a quick, clever note for that personal touch to let your neighbors know how much you appreciate them throughout the year!

1. Assorted Pringle Chips:
“Merry Christmas from Chris “Pringle” and the (insert name) Family!

2. Assorted Christmas Ziploc Storage Bags:
“Seal up the Holiday Memories”

3. Bag of Yukon Gold Potatoes:
“We couldn’t resist the “Golden” opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays!

4. Puzzles:
We were “Puzzled” about what to get such good friends for Christmas – but it all came together! We just Love You to “Pieces!”

5. Package of Swedish Fish:
We “FISH” you a Merry Christmas!
“CATCH” the Spirit of the Season!

6. Live Plant:
The kindness you show makes our friendship (neighborhood) grow!

7. Now and Later Candy Canes:
Raise a little “cane” Now and Later this Holiday Season!

8. Box of Brownie mix with disposable baking pan:
We’re trying for “Brownie” Points this Holiday Season!
You take the “Cake”, we think you’re first rate!
May your Holidays be “sprinkled” with Laughter and Love!

9. Assorted Seasoning Grinders (Shilling):
“Season the Season!”

10. Packaged Pre-Baked Gingerbread House:
From our “house” to yours. Happy Holidays!
Nibble, Nibble like a mouse, we hope you’ll nibble at this house!

11. Loaf of Bread (specialty bread or even plain old squishy white):
Here’s wishing you a little time to “Loaf” around this time of year!

12. Mother’s Holiday Gingerbread Man Cookies and small Gingerbread figures:
Like “Sugar and Spice” you make everything nice!

13. Pledge Wipes or Spray Bottles, Joy Dish Detergent, Softsoap Hand Soap:
We “Pledge” to be good neighbors this year!
You’re such a “JOY” to be around!
or combine the two
We “Pledge” to be “Joy-ful” this season!
We’re just old “Softies” when it comes to you (our friendship)!

14. Disposable paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic utensils:
A bit of “Disposable” Christmas Cheer! What could be better, NO dishes my dear (this year)!

15. Large package of Popped Corn, Corn Puffs or packages of microwave pop corn:
Just “Popped” over to say Happy Holidays!

16. Magnetic Fridge Pad with pencil/pen:
Merry Christmas from our “Pad” to yours!
Happy Holidays to a “Noteworthy” Friend!

17. Batteries:
‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was worried,
He had an emergency, boy was he flurried!
The power was off, and his flashlight was dead,
He didn’t buy “Batteries” when Mrs. Santa said.
We don’t want you in a similar plight,
So we give you “Batteries” to “Lighten” your night.
Merry Christmas to you and may your Season be “Bright”!

18. Package of Green Split Peas:
“PEAS” on Earth – Good Meals to Men! (This really needs to be sung)

19. Bounty Paper Towels:
This season may the “absorbing” Spirit of Christmas “blot” out your problems, “soak-up” your sorrows, and “wipe” away your difficulties, and may the New Year bring you “Bounteous” blessings all the year through!

20. Car Ice Scraper with Brush:
May you be free from “scrapes”, see more “clearly”, and “brush” life’s problems away. We wish you a Happy Holiday!

21. Single Car Ice Scraper:
“Scrape” up some good memories this season!

22. Thyme Seasoning or Leaves:
It’s about “Thyme” we wish you a Happy Holiday!

23. Christmas Classic CD, DVD, Book or reprint of a story:
You’re A “CLASSIC”!

24. Cylinder Glass Jar stacked with packaged cookies:
We’ve “Stacked” up the reasons we are thankful for friends like you!

25. Oven Mitt stuffed with treats:
We have to ad-“Mitt” you are great friends! (Is this a campaign slogan?)

26. Sticky Notes:
Thanks for “sticking” with us through the years!
Keep us “Posted” on your family!

27. Set of measuring cups and spoons:
Wishing You Joy Beyond “Measure” this Holiday Season!

28. Mittens filled with tape, scissors, gift tags, pens, ribbon, etc.:
Let us “lend” you a “hand” this Holiday Season!

29. Holiday plate or tray:
Hoping you’ll “Arrange” to have a Wonderful Holiday Season this year, with a “Plateful” of fun!

30. Flashlight:
We love how you “light up” our lives,
We’ve come to depend on your “glow”. Here’s a “Flashlight” to store, So you’ll always create, “Light” wherever you go!

31. Eggnog (be sure to keep refrigerated before delivery): We’re “Egging” you on to a Happy Holiday

32. Box of Oatmeal:
This gift is a little peculiar – “Q”uite out of the “O”rdinary too,
But after reading this explanation, we hope it makes sense to you.
First, sprinkle some “Oats” ’round your yard Christmas Eve,
And provide a treat for Santa’s reindeer, but only if you believe.
Next, measure out oatmeal and stir up some treats,
Share them with family and visitors you meet. Use the rest to cook “Hot Oatmeal” to warm you on a cold winter day.
We hope you enjoy “Feeling Your Oats” as we send greetings your way!

33. Snack (Bag) Clips:
“Hold” it together this season!