May 25, 2009 (to Mom and Dad from Rio Pardo)

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Hi Mom,

I’m sure the day off was nice. Pday is usually so nice cause we can just kind of relax. We walk SO much. Hahaha!  Not even kidding. But it’s good cause we also eat a ton. So we walk it off. :)

I’m glad you and dad spoke well. How many people are usually in sacrament meeting? You guys need to start doing a bunch of visits to try to get people going to church. Haha! How many kids are in the youth program?

How did you figure out how to throw what I said about McDonalds in while you were speaking about temples? Haha!  Nice.  But its true. I was seriously amazed when I ate the fries. It was crazy.

Everything here is awesome. I don’t know my address yet.

My companion is a way cool kid. Like him a lot.   He likes to work and he’s just a cool guy. So it works out well. We are finding a lot of new people to teach and we will have two baptisms this Saturday. :) One of them was already proframmed so I didn’t really do anything to help on that one. Hahaha but still, it’ll be nice to have another baptism. They’re usually pretty spiritual experiences.

That’s all I’m going to write cause I don’t think were going to have too much time this week to write and I want to make sure I write a little something to Brayden.

I love you!

Elder Hill

Hi Dad,

What exactly do you do on the welfare committee? So you have that calling and you teach? Or was that just a one time thing? Sounds like fun. Mom said the bishop is a really nice guy. Do the missionaries go to your ward a lot?

Who did the bears trade to get Cutler? He was doing really well with the broncos. That’s crazy they traded him. Who’s their QB now? Think Beck will play on the Ravens? That would be cool if he could do something.

My new area is called Rio Pardo. Its really far away from pretty much everything which is kind of annoying but kinda cool. Its REALLY safe here. Which is nice. I walk around with my camera all the time. My apartment is REALLY nice too.

This area is sweet.   Our apartment is one of the nicest in the mission. three bedroom two bath, hardwood floors. Seriously. Its way nice. All my other houses have been really dumpy so its nice to have a nice one.  My comp is way cool too. We get along well and were working crazy hard which is nice. And the best part is that were actually finding people too.   We’re  gonna have a lot of success here.

But I think that’s about it. Good luck in New Jersey! That’s really far away.  Love you!

Elder Hill