FHE Ideas for Couples

Select a theme for each Sunday, learn about that chosen subject through the day, summarize in the evening ( for example; Word of Wisdom).
Plan your coming week and on Fast Sunday plan the coming month.
Study the life of one of the presidents of the Church.
Study your Relief society, Priesthood or Sunday School Lessons together.
Catalog family heirlooms for upcoming generations.
Study a conference talk.
Study a Church hymn, find the story behind it and memorize the lyrics.
Learn about American history as it pertains to the Church.
Adopt a family (perhaps one you home teach or visit teach) and share a family home evening (you supply the lesson and treats).
Borrow filmstrips from the ward library.
Get acquainted with a neighbor and invite him/her to a Church or family activity.
Visit the Family History Center. Set a Genealogy goal. Do something on it, write letters, organize, check dates,etc.
Write an article, poem or song for the Ensign, or just for your own pleasure.
Reread you patriarchal blessing.
Invite friends over for games, a movie or a discussion of a spiritual topic.
Attend the Temple regularly.