Craft: Turn a Pumpkin into a Turkey

Turkey Pumpkin

Turn a pumpkin into a turkey. This idea can be used with any size
pumpkin, from mini to large. Young children will need help piercing
the pumpkin skin to attach the decorations.

Crayons, markers, paint, or colored pencils
Thick craft glue, rubber cement or hot glue
Toothpicks, or skewers, or popsicle sticks
Card stock or thin cardboard or construction paper

You will need to cut out tail feathers and wing feathers that are
the right size for your pumpkin — which will be the body. Use
colored construction paper or color your own on card stock. Cut as
many as you wish. Your turkey can have a huge feathery tail and
wings OR you can use only 5 feathers to create the effect you want!

You also need to cut out a turkey head and neck — think of a
circle head attatched to a long narrow triangle neck. You can do it,
I’m sure!

Attatch your head/neck piece to a popsickle stick with glue. Be
sure to leave about an inch of stick to poke into the pumpkin.
Draw on a beak, a neck wattle and a face. When it’s all dry and done
press the stick into the pumpkin where you want it. IF it is too
difficult, someone who is old enough can use a knife to make slits
for the sticks.

Glue the feathers to sticks in the same manner to creat wings and
the tail.

If you want to try to glue feathers directly to the pumpkin, it will
work with some kinds of glue — perhaps you can use thumbtacks to
help. Rubber cement is good for this because if you paste some onto
the pumpkin and some onto the feather then let them almost dry
before you put them together, they stick VERY firmly!