Christmas Doll, The

She didn’t ask for much that year, On Santa’s lap, you know.
She only wanted dolly dear, Under the tree or mistletoe.

She knew that Dad had lost his work, And Mom began to sew
For fancy ladies from New York,, Wanting party dresses, just so!

“I’ll help you, Mommy. I’ll be good, And Santa’ll bring to me…
A little dolly made of wood, Or even cloth…you’ll see!”

The mother’s eyes were filled with tears. No money could be found….
To buy the child a dolly, dear. Scraps of cloth lay all around.

The father cut a limb of tree, And with his pocket knife…
Lovingly carved, ’til you could see A tiny face take life!

The mother picked up scraps of wool And silk, fine as could be.
Making clothes for the little doll, To give to her Jenny.

Many nights, midnight oil would burn As hands toiled late with love,
While a sweet child’s dreams would yearn For a new dolly to love.

On Christmas Eve, the tree aglow… No presents graced the tree….
But there was love, and Jenny’d know, That’s where her doll would be.

Mother gave her a good night kiss And father tucked her in.
A note said “Santa, please eat this, And thank you.” by a cookie tin.

Parents tiptoed to the tree now, And left the doll they’d made
Humbly sitting ‘neath a bough Waiting for Jenny, she stayed.

“It isn’t much.” The mother said. “At least she’ll get a doll.”
“It’s our best”. Dad shook his head. “Better ones are at the mall.”

With sad, tired faces, off to bed Mommy and Daddy’ve gone…
Wishing for bounteous gifts, instead For their Jenny’s Christmas Morn.

A golden sunlight woke them when Christmas morning had come.
Jenny ran down the stairs just then To see what Santa had done.

Toys all around the Christmas tree, Had magically appeared!
Wondrous toys, such a joy to see How on earth did they get there?

Men on earth, or angels on high Or Santa with his sleigh???
It’s not for us to question why On this glorious Christmas Day.

And there, within a little chair, Sat the little dolly….
In her place of honor where Jenny first named her “Holly”.

For what should Jenny go first to….And give a great big hug….
Said “Little dolly, I love you!,” And sat down on the rug?

The little dolly named Holly, Seemed happy and alive
And Jenny seemed quite jolly, holding with closed eyes!

May Gods blessing be upon you all!